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20 nov - 02 dec

Opening the November 23 at 18h

Jonas Delhaye / Anouck Durand-Gasselin /
Brice Krummenacker / David Leleu / Benjamin Ottoz

Jonas DELHAYE Born in 1988 in Vannes. Live while roaming.
Studied at the European Superior School of Art in Brittany.
Represented by Galerie Florent Maubert, Paris.
Quercus, silver paper color, 270 cm.

The photographic shelter (nomadic and modular pinhole) captures from below the foliage of the trees. The canvas is designed as a dark room bellows, in starched folds, ensuring the modularity of the device according to the size of the selected trees.
For several hours (5h for QuercusIn complete darkness, sheets of photosensitive paper are blindly placed on the ground in concentric circles around the trunk, finally recalling the growth circles of a cut tree. The light projections hybridise and insolate directly the silver color paper printing the image in negative on the whole of the surface. The central void in the image is the reserve left by the original trunk.
Inside, the experience of complete darkness, of the unknown, of time, of projection on paper and on the body become screen, are intrinsically part of the resulting image in its relation to the landscape.

Anouck DURAND-GASSELIN Born in 1975. Lives in Paris and works mostly in the forest.
Graduated from the Beaux Arts of Toulouse.
Represented by ALB Gallery, Paris.
Squamosus and Sporothèque, retroprojected installation.

“First a photographer, Anouck Durand-Gasselin begins his research in the forest with picking and walking. The elements found (fungus, deer antlers or recently bryophytes) are the subject of sustained attention and various manipulations (plaster cast, sporulation, staging). These experiments are extended into methodical and even scientific creation devices.
With the Sporées, the artist re-examines the fundamentals of the image by causing a natural phenomenon: the sporulation of the fungus. Installation Sporothèque et projections proposes to apprehend an activity as absurd as it is poetic: to collect so many images buried in the humus of the undergrowth, to invent a naturalistic section unknown to the Museums (…). »Evelyne Toussaint

Brice KRUMMENACKER Born in 1978 in Paris. Lives and works in Paris.
Holography, projection, collage and installation.

The image of a ghostly building came from a troubled imagination whose inhabitants vibrate more than they exist and force us to ask ourselves what they really are. In his series HolographyBrice Krummenacker captures the pixelated reflections of subjects whose aesthetics appeal to us but the characteristics escape us. Like the prisoners in Plato's cave, we only perceive obscure screen projections that we can only imagine. Through this series all in saturation and contrast, Brice Krummenacker wonders about our perception of the world.
Spending more and more time in front of screens showing us an ever more scripted and sensationalized reality or always selling us more photoshopped perfection, are we still able to see the truth in the face? Why these images? And above all, what do the puppeteers want? All the images in this series are produced by "holographic" projection.

David LELEU Born in 1973 in Chauny. Lives and works in Lille.
Studies at the Erg de Bruxelles.
The stratagem of the invisible, installation, projection.

Placed on a base, a small engine overhangs a cylinder of glass. The motor allows a metal arm to rotate 360 ° around the cylinder and this arm carries a lighted bulb, like a satellite in orbit. The cylinder is hollow and made opaque by a layer of black paper. An almost hidden image is held horizontally in the upper part of the cylinder while a camera is placed vertically below. The image crumpled by the artist is captured in low-angle and then revealed live on a screen by a video projector.

Benjamin OTTOZ Born in 1984 in Créteil. Lives and works in Sint Jans Molenbeek Brussels.
Graduated Fine Arts from Nantes in 2009.
Represented by The Gallery The Skin of the Bear, Brussels and DoubleV Gallery, Marseille.
Serendipity PF, acrylic painting, paper Arches 185gm², 115x180cm, 2018.

In the first place, there is the paper, white plane, virgin of all possible. It is his folds, his undulations which, stretched out like a skin, stand before us. The sprayed, sprayed paint acts as a developer. Like a mist, with colored vapors, it infiltrates and spreads itself in relief to make a trace. By contact, by impregnation with the altered plane, it constitutes in fine particles a memory in the matter. In the folds and folds of matter, in the undulations of his wallpapers rise reminiscences, as echoes to other referents, to other points of view, other stories.





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