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01 nov - 14 nov

Opening the November 01 at 18h

Nicolas Baudouin / Thomas Cheneseau
Julien Lombardi / Maxime Touratier

Nicolas BAUDOIN Born in 1960 in Brussels. Lives and works in Paris.
Portraits without links, silver print on lambda laminated on Dibond, 50 X 50 cm.

Series of fictional portraits inspired by the Facebook environment.

Thomas CHENESEAU Born in 1980 in Poitiers. Lives and works in Paris.
Represented by ArtJaws Online Gallery.
#NaturalGlitch, matte photography paper or digital printing Diasec finishing.

Naturally, nature is today totally artificial. #NaturalGlitch is a photographic proposal that shows the human percentage of any mechanics in the face of reality reproduction: its margin of error. Because the degree uncertainty, the glitch, the grain of sand blown into the landscape wild and urban materializes a snapshot of the omnipresence of the digital flows of our society.

Graduate of a Masters of Ethnology.
Julien Lombardi apprehends photography as a tool for experimentation and visual investigation.
EgoTour, vitrophanie on glass plates, 150 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm, photographic print with variable dimensions. Playground, modular installation, wallpaper and collection of 250 vernacular images. Pyramids Tools, set of 3 serigraphs, 40 cm x 26 cm, raw oak frame.

EgoTour is a project that demonstrates an experience or, more specifically, a lack of experience. Upon my arrival in Cairo, I set off for the Pyramids of Giza. I took my turn in the queue and once my entry fee paid, I started the tour by following a precisely scenographic route. The device is so present that it was impossible for me to feel any emotion against the pyramids. EgoTour materializes the disturbing sensation of a world that becomes an image: despite my physical proximity to the pyramids, they remained inaccessible. More than a critical proposition, this work seeks to question what stands between us and the experience of the world, which tends to become the backdrop for a performance of the self.

Maxime TOURATIER Lives and works in Argenteuil.
Has followed an artistic training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bourges, then in Nantes during a post-diploma in Europe.
At the heart of Maxime Touratier's work there is a certain idea of ​​collision and deception, nourished by the desire for a photographic revelation. The photographic images explore a deserted daily life, the dark lights, contrasts and hollows of cities.
Studies on follies, photosensitive emulsion on copper, 145 cm x 100 cm.

Questioning the notion of "Monuments", these diptychs confront symbols from time spaces: for example, the Temple of Modern Philosophy by Jean Jacques Rousseau and the TF1 LCI tower. With traditional photographic techniques, engravings and printing, Maxime Touratier develops his filigree images on plates of copper, aluminum, steel, brass or zinc, spinning the metaphor of the technological and temporal gap. These 25 plates devices (20 cm x 29 cm) each carrying an image, offers a guessed, sublimated view of the common or forgotten monument.

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