Call for projects

Call for projects
from February 15 to May 9, 2020

Registration completed

All artists who work with photography as a source medium are invited to participate without limit of age or nationality in the call for projects of the Tangible Image Biennial.

The selection of artists is made by a jury of professionals of art, image and photography, in line with the artistic line of the Biennial.

In early July 2020, 30 artists will be selected and unveiled.

The winners will participate in ten satellite exhibitions organized in November 2020 in the galleries and partner venues of the Biennale, located in the 20e arrondissement of Paris.

The 2020 call for projects has ended.

To take account of current conditions, the Jury's vote had to be postponed to July 4.
The results will be announced in the following days.

How to complete the form

Registration is done in four stages.
You can return to your registration as long as you have not validated your payment.

1 / Personal information
Contact details + biography (1000 signs max) + description of the project (2000 signs max).
If you use a pseudonym clearly state it next to your name. In the case of a duo, specify the names and surnames (artist 1) (artist 2), if it is a collective work, indicate the name of the collective.
Indicate in the description of the project if it is already completed or in production.

2 / Works
You can download up to 6 images (6 works if it is a series or 6 views for an installation for example).
Please note that the download must be done image by image, there is sometimes a waiting time. They must not exceed 2 MB per image.
If you want to submit multiple projects, a new registration is required.
In the case of videos or works containing sound, indicate the audio or video link at the bottom of the project description (step 1). You can also send visual elements representative of your project.

3 / Signature of the regulations
This signature implies acceptance on your part of all the clauses of the regulations.
As a reminder, the full rules are available on the following page: edition_2020 / regulations

4 / Payment
The amount to participate in the call for projects is fixed at 20 euros

Payment is made only by bank card via a secure online payment.
These costs are allocated to the organization of the Biennale. They will not be subject to any refund in the event of non-selection or cancellation.