2020 Edition

Biennial of the Tangible Image of Paris.

Postponement of the second edition in 2021.


Following the worsening of the Covid-19 crisis and the new health measures, we regret to postpone the second edition of the Tangible Image Biennale to the year 2021.

In view of the restrictions announced, it has become extremely problematic to ensure the logistics of 11 exhibitions, exhibition routes in eastern Paris, a project in the public space, and a meeting / debate and '' offer viable exhibition conditions to some fifty international artists.
We cannot imagine an event like the Biennale, which aims to be a unifying moment of meetings, exchanges and possibilities to create new networks for artists, galleries and our partners, to be able to carry out its missions in such a situation.

We therefore look forward to seeing you in 2021 in a more serene and secure context for all.

Let's stay connected!

See you soon,

The Tangible Image Biennial team.