2020 Edition

Agenda in 2020


The second edition of the Biennial of the Tangible Image focuses its calendar on the month of November 2020. It retains its roots in the 20th arrondissement following the idea already acclaimed by the public of an artistic journey in eastern Paris. Its programming revolves around an exhibition curated by the organizers of the Biennale, and ten exhibitions bringing together the winning artists of the call for projects (February - May 2020), selected by a jury of professionals from the world of art, image and photography, as well as an in situ project in public space, an Instagram award and a day of conferences on contemporary photography.
Photographers or visual artists, the artists exhibited highlight diverted, deconstructed, reconstructed, falsified images, or work on the materiality of the image. They are bearers of innovative photographic ideas both on the subjects and the methods used.

A flagship exhibition / November

The flagship exhibition, curated by the organizers of the Biennale, brings together a dozen French and international artists.
This year, ten artists are invited to question the future of our society, and the erasure of the human being, through digital technologies, control tools and town planning.

Ten satellite exhibitions / November
Following the call for projects open from February 15 to May 9, 2020, 30 projects will be selected by an independent jury of professionals from the world of art and photography, and exhibited in partner locations of the Biennale (Paris , 20th).
The list of places and galleries will be announced soon.
Instagram public award / 01 - 31 October
The winner will be announced on the opening day of the Biennale. A photographic production will be offered to him by the Carré Bisson, partner of the Biennale.
Meetings and debates on new photographic practices / November, Marguerite Duras media library
- From contemporary art to photography: what meeting points?
- Between utopia and dystopia, what photographic representations of a future human world?
- What prospects for the remuneration of artist-photographers? with the intervention of SAIF and ADAGP.
An urban work in situ / November
For this edition, public display will be the vector for the dissemination of an artist's work.