Julio - Artist run space

11 Nov - 03 Dec

Opening on November 11 from 17 p.m. to 21 p.m.

Julie Laporte / Shinji Nagabé

Julie Laporte
Born in 1990 in TOULOUSE.
Lives and works in PARIS.

I live with ghosts. Hallucinated apparitions that haunt me, whisper, and push me towards accidents. And through their words, it is me who resonates.
Darkness, chemical smells and torn papers. Parcels of matter destined for oblivion. Waste, inevitable, in quantity. Of the image though. Silver salts, pending or already revealed. A fascinating, living material that I refuse to leave for dead. So I transform it, I save it and I surprise myself.
In the era of ecological emergency, the amount of waste in film photography raises questions. What should we do with these rejected fragments that are nevertheless necessary to the flow of the creative process? My plastic work takes place in the darkroom, my daily life for five years, by diverting debris, remains and unusable pieces of photographic media. Thanks to light, optical or even chemical operations, these artifacts push me to explore photography against the grain.
“Long live New flesh” shows us the remains of a vanished photograph, final scraps of cibachrome saved from oblivion by painting in the darkroom. Fragile and breathless, these relics offer themselves to us, drawing the reliefs and curves of the journeys that they contain in their hollows: iridescent misshapen spaces, made of echoes and reflections, like indescribable flesh that the pressure with an infiltrating gaze.
The malleability of the silver medium allows for countless mutations of its support. By their volume, the remains of these almost fleshly surfaces are transformed: skin after skin, they molt, become exhausted and reveal their inner turbulence. Privileging the materiality of photography rather than its representation, these mutant skins resist their status as rejects and insinuate an interior that shapes them. Make a new skin to rebuild yourself on the ruins of the sensitive.


Shinji Nagabe
Born in 1975 in São Paulo/Brazil.
Lives and works in Madrid – Spain.

A diorama is a mode of artistic presentation of real-life scenes for educational or entertainment purposes. In this series, each piece illustrates a reflection of the artist. Through several relief planes, the works make us think about the accumulation of references that we build in our lives, through our networks and our connections, and which define us as individuals.
The works in the “Dioramas” series are unique pieces, handmade by the artist from photographs from his archives. It is a series that includes large pieces measuring more than one meter, produced in his workshop in Madrid. It is also a series which deepens the artist's research around the medium: where does the strength of the photographic image come from? How to democratize art? He uses traditional, reproducible photography as a starting point and transforms it into a unique three-dimensional object that comes to life beyond the frame. The viewer's eye travels through multiple images and overlays, creating a fantastical universe that is both hypnotic and thought-provoking.
In his approach, the artist mixes the Japanese technique of oshie – a sophisticated technique of cutting kimono fabrics to create patchwork paintings – with childhood memories. The padding of the fabrics gives it a volume that reminds it of the living room of her parents' house in São Paulo. Each work has a unique and personal story, but which opens a dialogue with the public.


Opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday
from 15AM to 19PM

13 rue Juillet 75020 Paris, France


Metro: Gambetta or Ménilmontant
E-mail: hello@julioartistrunspace.com